Mushy Monday

Last week my friend did the sweetest thing ever!  I walked outside my house and there was a gift wrapped package on my door step with a card addressed to me.  The awesomeness of receiving a gift + the surprise of finding a package on your doorstep (whether you were expecting it or not) all "wrapped" into one, proved to be an overwhelming experience for me.  Before I even unwrapped the gift, I was overcome and am not going to tell you if my eyes started to "water"... Maybe it was the plants my neighbor has right across the way??  Anyway, I rushed back inside and tore off the wrapping to find a book that you're supposed to write in each day to encourage self-love.  It has different lists where you jot down "10 things you're grateful for," "10 things you love about yourself," "a compliment to yourself," "2 things you want to start doing" "2 things you learned" among other things.  Once I saw this, I was able to diagnose that the eye watering was indeed tears and not allergies (I have a lot of feelings).  If you're reading this and thinking this is all a bit too mushy for you... I encourage you to hang in there because, studies have proven that "gratitude journals" are more effective than anti-depressants and is there really such a thing as being too happy?  Food for thought.   

Speaking of food... Thanksgiving is this month.. and the whole point is to giving thanks (well actually it's to stuff your face but secondly, it's about giving thanks).. And now we're back full circle... Gratitude... journals.  Dorky but awesome.  However, if the idea of the whole journal/everyday things is a bit too much for you to "swallow" (#thanksgivingpun) at this point in time, here's something you can implement at your Thanksgiving celebration this year and still not feel like you're cornier that the dish on the table! Bahaha!

ADORBS, right??

        Butcher paper tablecloths + legible handwriting = table setting envy

        Butcher paper tablecloths + legible handwriting = table setting envy

But if some of you are down to jump in head first into the mush, I highly encourage partaking in this exercise.  I have kept a gratitude journal before, not to the degree of the amazing book I received but just making a list each day, in the notes section of my phone, to be specific.  However, I am finding the book to be a very helpful reminder tool for me by having the physical book there to trigger my memory to write my list down every day and also helpful for delving deeper into self love.. The deeper you go, the deeper the result in this case.. But true story:  I became SIGNIFICANTLY happier after doing this super simple exercise.  You don't even have to go back and read them later, or show anyone.. just merely writing it down seems to have some direct magical correlation to happiness. 

Ok so that's all, just some friendly, unsolicited advice..  

I'm grateful for the fact that I know you're all going to come back to this site tomorrow even if this post wasn't really your cup of tea :).  

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