Friday Finds: Fashun'

Today I am doing another "Friday Finds" because frankly, I just couldn't hold it in!  I keep finding all of these absolutely adorable items but can't afford to buy them all, so I'm hoping that if I share them with you guys, collectively all of these delicious pieces will be purchased and then owned by people I care about... I really do care about each and every one of you!  I mean it, if you're reading my blog, I am overwhelmingly grateful and do care about you!  But ok, enough of the sap, let's get to the good stuff!

As the weather changes, nothing makes me more tolerant of the dropping temperatures than the promise of cute jackets (I will be the first to admit I have a "jacket problem").  But with this tease of winter stopping by and then leaving again without saying good bye, it's got me all kinds of confused about how to arrange my closet... Actually, confused is not so much the problem as is the overcrowding, but don't tell anyone I said that.

So here's a little compilation of a "breadthy" collection of items to tell these schizophrenic weather patterns to shove it!  (Perhaps I'm just bitter because I woke up a few days ago after having inadvertently having checked the weather for Chicago the night before, whilst in Colorado, right before dozing off in a half-sleep induced state and walked outside the next morning to a frightening snow/hail storm in shorts and t-shirt.  It was highly shocking and extremely disappointing, to say the least!).  So, take a look at my revenge:

Let's take back the reins on this whole weather thing, shall we!?  Or wait, did we ever have the power?  Ok, nevermind... Just have a good weekend! 

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