Hang Loose, Brah

One of the things I seem to be unable to resist pinning on Pinterest or saving to my files are instances when an object that is meant to rest on the floor, is supported by hanging from the ceiling.  (I tried to word that in a way that ruled out all hanging lights, plants and any other usual suspects in an effort to keep this post focused, more or less).   In conjunction with my "creative design" theme I want to keep going this week, I want to show you some truly imaginative ways to layout a room, all with the common denominator of... not using the ground as a means of stability.

 True to form, this "recon mission" to find examples quickly escalated into a 3 hour journey of frantic saving of images related to this topic.  And now I am in, yet again, an editing dilemma.  Thus, I've decided to cut out all the wordy crap I normally get into, and just try to post as many images as my computer/stamina will allow me to.  Most of these exquisite examples are indoors but then I found some irresistible outdoor "scenes" that will blow your mind.  Fasten your seat belts, boys and girls and "hang" onto your hats as your about to feel as though you're on a magic carpet ride of a read!

So, without further ado, please try to hang out and enjoy the picture show:  


Suspended Bed Green Curtains.png
Gold Chain Hanging Shelf Martha Stewart.jpg
You may recognize this from  this post .

You may recognize this from this post.

Orange Bedroom Suspended Beds with Ropes.jpg
Hammock 2.0

Hammock 2.0

This is a conference room at an office.  Job envy much?

This is a conference room at an office.  Job envy much?

Hanging Shelves By Rope in Retail Store.jpeg
Indoor Rope Swing Kids.jpg
Macrame Hanging Chair.jpg
Orange Hermes Blanket Hanging Bed.jpg
Hanging Glass Shelves.jpg
Ultimate. Lake. House.

Ultimate. Lake. House.

Marble Shelves with Gold Hardware.jpg
Indoor Hammock Near Fireplace.jpg
Indoor Saucer Swing.jpg
White Wicker Indoor Swing Hanging Chair .jpg
Suspended Loveseat Hanging Sofa.jpg
Hanging Metal Shelves.jpg
Swing Dining Table.jpg
Indoor Rope Swing in Loft.jpg
Bed Suspended on Pallets in Loft.jpg
Bed in a Boat Bed.jpg

And now, the firework grand finale of all things hanging (just my idea of a heaven on earth): 

Hanging Bed from a Tree.jpg
Outdoor Hanging Sofas.jpg
Enchanting Escape Suspended Outdoor Bed.jpg
Black Diamond Cliff Cabana.jpg


Whew.  I do apologize if I've given you a photo brainfreeze with my inspiration run amuck.  Who would have thought all of these images of relaxation would create a feeling of overwhelmingness?  

Anyway, I hope this post reminds you to kick back and hang out every now and then.   

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