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Tent Week: Ace's Aces

Oh Me, Oh My!  Something WILD has happened!  My real life has aligned itself with my blog life!  Are you all as astonished as I am?  You see, today is the final day of tent week and boy, have I got a great topic comin' atcha:  The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  And... as luck would have it, I happen to be headed down there in a few hours to celebrate the last few weeks of my dear friend's "freedom" (jk, E ) before she gets hitched. But don't get too excited because I won't be sharing any of those juicy details with all you voyeurs!  What I will be sharing though, is one of my absolute favorite hotels ever!  That features (yep, you guessed it): TENTS!

Ace Hotel Sign.jpg
Ace-Hotel-Palm-Springs Tent Rooms.jpg

This FABULOUS hotel is situated in a converted Howard Johnson motel.  And they have an on-site retro diner called King's Highway in a refurbished Denny's (talk about an upgrade, right?)  

Ace Hotel PS.jpg

It's truly a summer camp for adults (and not just in the way that people always say that, this time I really mean it!).  They have the best games (which obvi includes ping pong), you can “rent” bikes (and by rent, I mean, for free – so hippy, so lovely), they offer "boozy sno cones" out of a bar stand they call the "short bus" (truth), there are HAMMOCKS GALORE and there's even a Yurt sauna in the middle of the patio (which I couldn’t find a picture of besides one of the spa, so now you’ll all have to go there and check it out for yoselves).

Hammocks Ace Hotel Palm Springs.jpg
Ace Hotel Short Bus.jpg
Yurt Spa.jpg
Ace Palm Springs Bikes.jpg

The room walls are covered with tent canvas to give the illusion of “camping” without all the “ew” nasty stuff of actually camping (LOL), each room comes equipped with a record player (and records, of course)... yes, in your f'ing room, and macramé curtains in the lobby (hell yes!).

Ace Hotel Rooms.jpg
Ace Hotel.jpg
Ace Hotel Palm Springs.jpg
Palm Springs Hotels.jpg
Tents Palm Springs Ace.jpg
Lobby Ace Hotel.jpg

Did I mention that they also have outdoor fire pits, these green canvas palm frond like things for pool umbrellas (see below), and a spa (I know I already mentioned that but I think it’s worth noting twice – all adult summer camps must have a spa)?They're also rocking sick beats playing at the pool party (or "swim club" as they call it), and have ahhmazing food (basically, the best chilaquiles I have ever had).  ALSO: Hot pre-pubescent lifeguards and the weirdest robes imaginable, probably just to get you out of your comfort zone :).  If you're eclectic and have a shred of coolness, this is right up your alley.  I swear it on all things holy.  There's no point in denying it, it's hipster-esque, BUT it's done in a way that really everyone can appreciate. 

Outdoor Patio Ace Hotel.jpg
Ace Hotel Pool Party.jpg
Weird Robes Ace Hotel.jpg

Best part:  When I went there last, there was a group of people there that were getting married.. IN THE POOL.  Um, yes.  The bride's dad literally walked her down the pool steps in a wedding dress to her groom.  And all of the guest were wearing ridiculous and enviable hats of all sorts!  Where the heck else are you going to see something like that?!

Ace Hotel At Night.jpg

Basically, it's zee best!  That's all you really need to know. 

Sorry for the predominantly picture post… And lack of my special brand of wit (I mean, they say "brevity is the soul of wit" right? So chew on that for a while!)… I'm just a bit rushed today.  But, if I’m being honest with myself, I’m sure you all are actually pretty relieved. So...

Hope you have a saucy weekends!  I lurve you all!

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