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True Life: I Am A Picnic Hoarder

Sooo... I think we're at that point in our relationship where I reveal something personal/a shameful secret that makes me vulnerable, so that we can strengthen our reader-writer bond.  That's how it works, right? Blogger Bonding Moment?  Well, let's hope so because here goes: I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of picnicking.  Like, bad.  I have this problem with buying all of these items that would be just absolutely perfect for a picnic and most of those items still have the tags on them.  #hoaderproblems

Picnic Hoarder.jpg

A few people close to me know the extent of my picnic accessory hoarding but I keep most of my picnic stuffs scattered among different closets in my house, under my bed, and even in the trunk of my car, just in case there is an emergency picnic situation, of course (super likely). The amount of items I have for a picnic is proportional to the rest of my possessions by a 1:3 ratio. We're talking picnic baskets, bags, serving dishes, wine accessories, cheese accessories, tents, tables, champagne buckets, picnic games, blankets (omg, blankets), you name it, I probably have it. But here is the most sickening part of my disorder: Whenever I do get an opportunity to picnic (I usually do this little victory dance in private) but, I don't end up bringing most of my "materials" because I am too afraid people will think me weird for being SO overprepared. You can call me a boyscout to the tenth power.  I would practically need a suitcase just to carry all of my supplies to the designated picnic spot.  Oh wait, they have that:

I NEED this.

I NEED this.

But they say the first step to curbing an addiction is admitting it. So, check. And maybe now since I've done so in such a public way, it's like I just gave the power it has over me, the bird? I actually had a totally different direction in mind for this post but it kind of took on a life of its own. My initial inspiration for the post came from a picnic activity I engaged in last night, where I was accused of being Mary Poppins because of how much stuff I kept pulling out of my bag (and they didn't even know the half of it, ha!) at an outdoor concert on the beach in Hermosa Beach where people set up picnics, drink libations and enjoy the jams. (Um yes, I live in the coolest place ever!) So, I was going to post about the concert and the sweetness of the scene but I sense your attention span is probably waning and there are concerts/picnics every Sunday during the month of August (best month ever!) so I will have more opportunities to tell you all about that! A little foreshadowing here but, the forecast of more picnic posts in the future is strong to very strong.

Mary Poppins Bag.jpg

So, if you've made it this far, thank you for being part of my public therapy session. Now I'll make it up to you by giving you some pretty picnic images, that are the stuff of my dreams.

Perfect Picnic.jpg
Perfectly Staged Picnic.jpg

That's just too good to be real. 

Picnic Dream.jpg

I think my life would be complete if I could be transported here.

Perfect Picnic Sandwich.jpg
Bohemian Picnic.jpg

Got nothing but love for this bohemian picnic set up.

Picnic Love.jpg

I bet that was the best night. #jealous

But the winner is.... 

Picnic Basket Bike.jpg

Hipster or European?  Either way, amazeballs!   

Take that Monday! 

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