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Birthday Shout Out

It's my beautiful mom's birthday today and I want to take a minute to pay homage to this special lady! 

Jan McCarthy Los Angeles Entreprenuerial Voice.jpg

My mom was the original interior designer in our family and it's because of her impeccable taste that I developed such an affinity for craft! Here's just a peak at her downtown loft, which I will show you more of someday, (when you’re older ;). It's in the beautiful Eastern Columbia Building, where Johnny Depp also has loft.

Eastern Columbia Loft.jpg

Y'all, the woman is truly incredible. She is the franchise owner of the company Ladies Who Launch in Los Angeles, which helps women to launch or grow their own businesses. She recently began a coaching/mentoring business to further help women in business, called the Entrepreneurial Voice, which has a very motivational blog of its own. And she is a budding new artist and damn good at it too! Check out her art website and some of my favorite pieces:

Zanzibar Inspired Art.JPG
Downtown LA Painting.JPG
Elephant Painting.JPG
Jan McCarthy Art.JPG

Shameless plug? Yep. But it's my mom and she deserves it! Her best quality though is that among all of this, she makes being an amazing mother, wife and friend her priority! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the woman who knows how to wear all of her jewelry at once and pull it off! Love you mom!

Jan McCarthy Ladies Who Launch.jpg

*I do recognize that this blog is developing a bit of a birthday theme but I think it's safe to say this is the end of the birthday posts for a while, so hang in there!

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