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Oh Heyy, Pinterest ;)

So…… This is embarrassing BUT yesterday I sort of, like, “officially” joined Pinterest.  I know.   Please, please don’t stop reading from here on out because I’ve seemingly lost all blogger street cred.  I think I was afraid of Pinterest and how much time one can spend on there... and as I’ve come to find out since my inauguration, for good reason.  I may be developing carpel tunnel in my right index finger from scrolling, but regardless, the site can back up the hype!  Damn guurl… So, I’m going to break all blogger rules and post some pics from my new Pinterest account (I know, how tacky!) and in the future, maybe I’ll get it together to do it the other way around and pin pictures from my blog posts to my Pinterest boards like all the big girl bloggers do (ya, maybe don’t hold your breath for that). 

So, for everyone that’s, OMG, already over Pinterest, don’t hate me, and for the small few that have been living under a rock with me, you’re welcome.  Here are some of my favorite home finds from my first late night browsing sesh:

Palm Springs Decor.jpg

How shocking that I like this? Not.  I was similarly inspired by Palm Springs decor with my Palm Springs Barstools (please excuse the "link juice" I'm trying to SEOqueeze here). 

Kelly Wearstler Amazingness.jpg

Kelly Wearstler makes the cut: ALL DAY, ERR'DAY.

Secret Slide Trap Door.jpg

Is this real? Or is this just fantasy?   If you can't tell what this is, it is a TRAP DOOR TO A SECRET SLIDE!  Far out!

Mary McDonald Pagoda Bedroom.jpg

What IS it about canopies?  This room was designed by Mary McDonald, who has a design aesthetic I just adore, so it figures that I'm giddy about this room.  I love how she knows how to get right next to the line of over-styling but never crosses it.

Amazing ceiling.jpg

Will you feast your eyes upon that ceiling? Yowzer! An often overlooked detail that makes the space in this case! 

And last from my severely edited picture pull... 

Happy Place Space.jpg

Would you ever be sad if you lived here?  I don't think it would be possible.  This house seems to emit drops of sunshine. 

And I'll leave you with that.. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are in the world today! 

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