Encore Pool Party

A Wynn in Vegas

This past weekend a few of my friends and I went to Vegas to surprise our friend who is moving away to go to grad school.  His girlfriend, who organized the whole thing (and did an excellent job, I might add) had convinced him they were going on a romantic getaway and just as he was getting excited about that idea, we surprised him with other plans.  It was awesome!  We actually stayed at the Encore (which is part of Wynn resorts, but that didn't make for as "punny" a title for this post :).  The rooms, the resort, all of it, was pretty spectacular.  I felt very fancy just walking around.  Check out some professional pics of the Encore. 

Encore Las Vegas Resort Suite.jpg
Resort Suite at the Encore.jpg
Encore Sinatra Bar.jpg

Here is what I wore out to da club:

            You can buy it  here  (it's cheap!)

            You can buy it here (it's cheap!)

Totally not "Vegas" ... which is exactly why I wore it.  I like to march to the beat of my own drum, HAAY!   It was from Forever 21 but I got it hemmed to fit the standard Vegas dress length specifications (aka: short). I wore massive silver hoops, my go-to Nixon watch, and super high black pumps.

Encore Beach Club.jpg

The main event of the weekend, however, was the pool party on Saturday at the Encore Beach Club. My friend is a total baller and got us a table, which made me feel like a Very. Important. Person. The bathing suit you wear to the pool party is extremely crucial because everyone has an unspoken agreement to "bring it" and you don't want to end up feeling like Frumpelstiltskin. I was debating between these two bathing suits:

V i X Paula Hermanny Leblon Bikini (couldn't find it for sale online anymore)

V i X Paula Hermanny Leblon Bikini (couldn't find it for sale online anymore)

Victoria Secret (buy it  here )

Victoria Secret (buy it here)

And ultimately chose the second one... which was a mistake... because every 1 in 5 girls there were also wearing it (it was from Victoria Secret so, I guess, duh). But whatevs, I think I rocked it the best. #gottahaveswagger

Also, my friend had these custom temporary tattoos made of the "guest of honor's" face!  Have you ever heard of anything so rad?! (People got pretty creative with their body placement of them).


I didn't do any gambling because the minimums were SCARY, as was the general feeling that everyone at the betting tables knew what they were doing. But we did eat at this buffet the following morning, that's literally called, The Buffet (in the Wynn) and it was a true marvel. Look at the dessert ROOM! It was basically my lifetime dream realized.

The Buffet at the Wynn Dessert Room.jpg

... And that's all of the story you get to hear, because the rest of it, stays in Vegas (sorry folks, that's the rule...).

*I do, however, want to make special mention about Spirit Airlines because I don't know what other forum to rant about them on. THEY ARE THE WORST! Unbeknownst to us, there was a $50 carry-on bag fee EACH WAY ($100 fee at the gate if you think you can pull the wool over their eyes about the size of your personal item - ahem, small purse) that was not included in our barely competitive ticket price. The seats don't recline, they have little to no leg room, they charge you for water (forget about complimentary sodas) and the turbulence on the flight was nothing short of traumatic/nauseating. Ok, I think I've said all I need to say. Happy Monday!

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