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Is it mad or brilliant of me to write about my "direct competition" and remark how obsessed with it I am?  Don't answer that.  Last night I got into an internet tangent browsing sesh, as we do… You know, the kind where you can’t remember how you got to where you are for the life of you but yet you find yourself in a valley of compounding amazingness.. And then, out of nowhere, you start to develop a growing anxiety because you don’t want to jinx your luck but you’ve seen too many awesome things that you haven’t bookmarked and don’t want to turn back… Do you continue down the path of no return or do you stop and bookmark everything along the way at the risk of ending the good streak you had going?  What am I talking about?  I have no idea.  

Anyway… I ended up on the Anthropologie home furniture section (so unusual for me!) and no joke, had a dream involving not one but three of the pieces I saw online, pre-REM.  I won’t go into it because honestly, it was kinda bizarre and I don’t want you to judge me inaccurately based on my subconscious dream state thoughts BUT…  I do feel that it was a sign that I needed to pay some kind of homage to these breakout items and that is just what I’m about to do.  Get ready to have your mind BLOWN!

Tasnim Canopy Settee.jpg

Woah… What even is that??? Words do not do it justice… I feel like you could really throw people off their game if you put this against a wall and used it as seating for your kitchen table in kind of a breakfast nook-y thing..  If it was me, that’s where I would put it and then I would demand that people refer to me as a sultan of swing and feed me frozen grapes while I lounged there all the live long day!  And I would feel no guilt because people should feel grateful to be in the presence of such excellence.


If you are the shit and you think this might suit your pad, you can buy it here

Ok this.. I found this pic saved on my phone as I was writing this post and decided, on a whim, to include it.  It’s kind of similar to the featured above piece and they’re equally cool, right? 

Outdoor Settee.JPG

I’m so sorry though, because I don’t remember where this gem is from..  If any of you do know, please be a doll and leave it in the comments and I will update the article immediately following.

Moving on.. We have more homage to pay today, people! 


Say what?? Are you for reelz?

For sale  here .

For sale here.


To the tufting in the back, you’ve really got me now.  And to the color, I say: “Googoogaga.” 

Now, show your admiration for this:

Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser.jpg

Mad props.  Haven’t you always wanted to store your belongings in order of their importance to you?  Well now you can with this Ordinal Dresser that is anything but ordinary!  And, the drawers have a self-closing feature.. Get outta town!  (Or get it here.)

For this, 

I will counter with another photo to portray my sentiments.

RAD photo.JPG

A picture is worth… Three VERY IMPORTANT letters. 

Yes please and thank you.

And, who doesn’t need a $450 ladder in their home?  I certainly don’t know anyone that doesn’t… 

Anthropologie Submergent Ladder.jpg

Someone in the reviews said they were using it as a throw rack in their home to which I say.. Not too shabby, albeit decadent.. You too, can buy it here.

I’m not sure if I’m totally sold on this but since I’ve recently started watching Game of Thrones, I’m feeling more drawn to it than normal and have thus deemed it deserving of note.  Here you go, all you medieval mongers!  (What is a monger?)

And finally (a kneeling bow with your head touching the ground is probably the most appropriate gesture for this next item).  Cue: Drumroll

GAH. I die.  Tragically, this Manzanita Bench is no longer for sale but is also from Anthro and looks like it was made to go in this tent.

Anthro Manzanita Bench.jpg

The tent looks like it belongs in heaven.. Or at Burning Man..  I’ll tell ya, this might be just the ticket to get me to go..  I would sit in there to seek solace from the scorching sun and the almighty Altair tent would serve as the place where I would receive guests, take appointments and entertain barters.  Obvi, people could bring me gifts in here as well, ie: frankincense and myrrh, etc.   

Ok quick digression, just check out how much this tent would fit in at Burning Man:

Burning Man 2011 Temple.jpg

What the what? This is a picture of the 2011 Temple (to be burned, of course).

And here is a photo of the inside of this palace thing…

Inside Burning Man Temple.jpg

I spy.. A naked man.. Who is… Praying? Meditating? Defecating?  Eww.

To conclude with a more “lovely” pic, here:

I would make this the inside of the tent, duh.

I would make this the inside of the tent, duh.

Ok, you may now stand and take your leave.  Thanks for stopping by!

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