Meet Keeley

The "Keeley Kraft" was originally a hovercraft boat invented by my dad in the late 80's shortly after I was born (how cute is that?).  Sadly, the Keeley Kraft was ultimately found to be unsafe when the boat flipped over during test runs.  After that, the craft along with the name were retired.  Whenever I hear him tell this story, I am left feeling disappointed that a product with a personal namesake did not take "flight."  So here we are, giving the name another shot at its moment in the spotlight.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good alliteration? The new Keeley Kraft's bold and colorful furniture pieces are meant to push the boundaries, fearlessly and flawlessly making a statement and bringing a room together!  Without risk, there is no reward!

And who am I, Keeley of Keeley Kraft?  I am a girl on the cusp of her late 20's who is excited to share her passion for interior design and entertaining.  Someone who LOVES color and believes that fun and properly curated whimsy should be a part of every interior space.  I am not a professional designer but am spawn of and sister to two of them. Thinking about the layout, decoration, and color scheme of a room has kept me up many nights, whilst I entertain endless configurations and combinations. On the front lines of flea markets, I rescue rejected treasures. I have a penchant for vintage items and I love pairing the past with the present. And thus, I invite you to hover on this humble site of Keeley Kraft, where I present my pieces and provide my perspective.