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We've heard it too many times before... There's something about the thought of sitting down and figuring out the right template, deciding what your content should be, learning the ways of the website builder tool you've selected and trying not throw your computer out the window, that causes the mere thought of getting started to simmer at a low heat on the back burner like a yummy sauce that draws out the flavors the longer it sits... But wait!  This isn't a yummy sauce, this is your website!  The window front for your business and those flavors are actually anxieties because you needed it to be attracting customers, like, last month!  And now it all just feels so overwhelming and you resent the fact that you still have to get it done and you're busy and basically, ugh!

but guess what?!


WE'RE HERE TO HELP!  We feel that building your website doesn't have to be a begrudging task and a frustrating experience at best... We actually believe it can and should be fun!  That's why we created a 2-day "Day Camp" to help you build your website in a weekend!

 Website Building Class Los Angeles California Squarespace Workshop