It's S̶h̶a̶r̶k̶ Tent Week!

F that "Shark Week" noise, it's "Tent Week" up in hur at Keeley Kraft!  Yeah, that's right, get excited!!  Oh, what was that?  You didn't know?  Well, me neither (shh)...  Not until I realized that there has been a latent theme (tents) among the posts going up this week, that is.  So now I'm going with it!  Why fight it, when it feels so right to embrace it?!  Am I right or am I right?

So, jump on board, my friends, cause this train's leaving the station and where we're headed is... freaking awesome!   And that's a fact.

Glamping Tents.jpg

Woah, double take, right?  Bet you weren't expecting all that goodness to come out of all that questionable intro text, huh?  Well, listen up and feast your eyes upon, Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros.  A bit of a mouthful, I'll admit, but in my book, they've earned it.

Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros.jpg

For all my Cali peeps, you are in luck (just as long as you've got your passports handy)!  This jewel of a destination is our backyard (and by "our", I mean, America's).  Just off the California/Mexico border, err, two hours south of San Diego, lies this vineyard "settlement."  (Yes, settlement probably isn't the friendliest of word choices but we are talking about Mexico here folks, and trust me, I think you're safer settled than not!)  

Wine Tasting Cabanas CuatroCuatros.jpg

If you were wondering what kind of stuff I'm into (after reading my blog about what kind of stuff I'm into), this sums up a lot of it.  Wine tasting and glamping. On the water.   (Sometimes, I feel like the stuff I write on here would be better suited for a profile than a furniture shop/interior design blog but maybe some potential suitors might graze over this site on their journey to find true love?  Maybe? Maybe not? A girl can dream.)   ... And dreaming is just what I'm doing!  Now feast away:

Winery in Ensenada.jpg
Cabanas in Mexico Winery.jpg
Bathroom at Cabanas CuatroCuatros.jpg
Outdoor Bathroom at Cabanas CuatroCuatros.jpg
Kind of obsessed with these bright colors and fun patterns!

Kind of obsessed with these bright colors and fun patterns!

See that metal contraption on the left there?  That there's a mini-fridge.  Praise.

See that metal contraption on the left there?  That there's a mini-fridge.  Praise.

Crop Circle Vineyards.  After  Signs , I think I'll stay far away from those!

Crop Circle Vineyards.  After Signs, I think I'll stay far away from those!

A movie night?!  Sold.

A movie night?!  Sold.

Wine and Cheese Tasting.jpg

They also have a spa, deep sea fishing, sailing, horseback riding, cultural tours and the like for all you wine-y brats that get bored easily.

Also, this was on the website.  Really, need I say more? 

Wildlife Mexico Ensenada.jpg

Tijuana (and the surrounding Baja California area) is not just for desperate high school kids on Spring Break anymore!

Are you still not quite ready to venture South of the border but love wine tasting? Allow me to introduce you to the "Flight Pack."  Seamless segue?  Meh, debatable.

Wine Flight Pack Tasting Kit.png

This "flight" of wine tasting and dinner party kit includes:

- Four sets of each three etched bird glasses (12 glasses total)
- Three wine/food pairing menus (small bites, cheeses, and desserts)
- Three bird stamped tags to distinguish your varying bottles of wine

Essentially, you have four guests that get to sample three different wines as part of a flight.  Each bird denotes the bottle and food pairings in the form of either cheese, small plates or desserts are provided on the pairing menus.  Can you say "FUN"?!    Yeah you can!

Alright, officially signing off! Catch ya'll on the final day of TENT WEEK! AHH! 

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